About American Grower Resources

American Grow Rack to American Grower Resources

The “Grow Rack” manufactured by American Grow Rack was first introduced to the greenhouse market 20 years ago. This new racking system for greenhouse flower transport pioneered a more efficient and more aesthetic method to transport the grower’s product.

Led by the father-son team of Sam and Clint Runge, American Grow Rack changed the greenhouse industry with their innovative product. While this entrepreneurial passion served both owners well for 20 years, it was time to bring on a new partner to take the product to the next level.

American Grower Resource Today

This new partner would emerge as DeWys Metal Solutions, an umbrella of companies with endless metal capabilities. The acquisition of American Grow Rack by DeWys created a new products branch called American Grower Resource or AGR. This addition under the DeWys Metal Solutions umbrella brand was founded with one goal in mind; leverage the knowledge of a manufacturer into the innovation of a products company.

The combination of industry and manufacturing experience is what separates AGR from other greenhouse product suppliers.

Customers at AGR do not make transactional purchases from a vendor who has no knowledge of the product manufacturing process. Customers of AGR purchase “made to order”, high quality, American made products directly from the manufacturer.

American Grower Resource Tomorrow

AGR’s future includes greater expansion of their product offerings to their customers. These new products will be developed with the same objective that the Grow Rack achieved 20 years prior. Create a product that solves customers issues, and makes lives easier. This is where AGR looks to create value in the near and long-term future for their customers.